Corporate Sales and Events

Are you finding it hard to find a unique and creative event for your team?

Both our MD (Paul Clark) and Sales & Marketing Manager (Iain Ross) are experienced Corporate Trainers and Public Speakers and have managed corporate events at both our winery and in boardrooms.

They have run many successful tasting events away from our own premises and are always keen to discuss ideas for corporate tastings, visits and any other event that involves wine. We are also able to provide corporate labeling services for Company gifts, promotions, etc. and offer special wine pricing for Corporate events.

We have the answer with a suite of experiences based around our unique winery.

Imagine if your team could create your own bespoke blend of our wines.

Come together and work as a team in our winery to create something wonderful and unique to you and your collective palate.

We will keep your blend on record and whenever you would like to reorder your blend, we will bottle and label it for you.

See how we can add to your corporate event…contact us here