Kersbrook Hill History

Kersbrook Hill Wines & Cider was established by Managing Director Paul Clark with the purchase of the current Kersbrook property

Welcome to Kersbrook Hill Wines & Cider.

We are a family owned & operated Vineyard, Winery & Cellar Door located in the Adelaide Hills in the small township of Kersbrook. Kersbrook Hill is a premium 5 star producer specialising in premium cool climate wines & cider.

Kersbrook Hill Wines was established in 1997 by Managing Director Paul Clark with the purchase of the current Kersbrook property.

The first planting were undertaken in a small 0.4 hectare vineyard site which now supplies the premium Shiraz “Don’s Acre”.

This initial planting was undertaken to test the suitability of the site, and encouraged by the results, 2 years later more land was purchased and the larger vineyard had 3 hectares planted to Shiraz and 1 hectare planted to Riesling.

Considerable care was taken in laying out the vineyard to take advantage of the afternoon sun, particularly during the slightly cooler ripening period found in late March and early April. The Western aspect of the site has proven to be ideal for producing fruit of the highest standard.

Attention was also paid to the existing native vegetation, with the vineyard being constructed in such a way as to avoid disturbing the existing native habitat.

The huge gum tree right in the middle of the Stag’s Leap Vineyard is an arresting feature and thought to be hundreds of years old.

In June 2009 Paul and Mary opened the Kersbrook Hill Cellar Door in the Main Street of Kersbrook. We have utilised two existing buildings in Kersbrook that were no longer being used, one being the old Kersbrook CFS Station, the other is the Kersbrook Cold Store – Farmers CO-OP. With a few minor and not so minor modifications we have transformed them into our Cellar Door & Winery. These modifications are still continuing today seeing us make the most of our somewhat limited space.

In 2012 we started to expand into contract winemaking and contract bottling for other Adelaide Hills and Barossa Wineries and also began a more managed approach to marketing our Products and Services which has proved a success.

January 2nd 2015 was a day that changed us as people as well as our business as we know it. The Sampson Flat Bush Fire ravaged our Bagshaw Road Property sparing only our family home. The vineyard burnt, our sheds containing our plant and equipment and so much more. The fire was devastating, but like most things in life there has been so much good to have come out of the fire. We could only look at it as an opportunity to do things better, to make the most of the clean slate we were handed.