im-perfect - Pet Nat

The word imperfect actually spells I’m perfect! Everyone is perfect in their own imperfect ways! Flaws are something to be embraced which is exactly what our uncomplicated, authentic & exciting im-perfect pet nat does.
Get comfortable with your imperfections & be you ... bravely!

Tasting Notes

This Pet Nat is deliciously sour, think Kombucha ... low sugar, low alcohol ...

Winemaker's Notes

A bottle fermented Petillant Natural & believe it or not, the more imperfect it is ... the better!

It's is a humble relation to champagne and if pink is your colour, you'll love this low-intervention Pet Nat, called Im-Perfect. It has a natural carbonation; is an organic conscientious wine and tastes like Fruit Tingles!

Oh, and when you get a bottle of your very own, keep it chilled. When you finally open the bottle, have your glasses ready to pour ... it will be like are celebrating your greatest victory yet!